The attorneys at Fight My Ticket work to lift and quash Bench Warrants, Arrest Warrants, and Failure-to-Appear Warrants, to keep you from being arrested.

If you fail to appear in court as indicated on your traffic citation or as ordered by the court, a warrant may be issued for your arrest. Additionally, other penalties may apply such as civil assessments and higher fines.

In addition to having a Warrant or Hold, your citation can be referred to collections for non-payment or non-appearance. Collections are referred to GC Services, the General Collection service for Los Angeles County. Typically the court places a hold against your license and a civil fee is accessed.

Fight My Ticket can file for an Abstract so you can get back your license while we fight your ticket. Successful results include having the entire case dismissed, or the court fines and fees drastically reduced. We can do this without you having to go to court.

CAUTION: A Warrant or DMV hold will remain in effect until you appear in court, post bail and get a court abstract issued. Until then, you are subject to arrest and a hold can be placed on your license.

Don’t look over your shoulder any longer! The attorneys at Fight My Ticket can appear on your behalf and resolve all of your court issues. A pending arrest is stressful. The experienced attorneys at Fight My Ticket know just what to do. To date, we have been able to persuade judges to lift hundreds of warrants in Los Angeles County.

NOTE: A failure to appear in court, to pay fines, or to comply with a court order will result in a Bench Warrant, issued by a judge for contempt of court. In which case, you may be subject to the following:

  • Issuance of a warrant for your arrest
  • Sentence to a county jail
  • Vehicle impoundment
  • Revoked probation
  • Additional court fines and fees
  • Additional fines or sentence beyond original penalties
  • Forfeiture of posted bail or bond
  • A hold placed on your driver’s license by the DMV
  • Suspension or revocation of your driving privileges
  • Referral to GC Services for collection

We can recall and clear Bench Warrants, Arrest Warrants and Failure-to-Appear Warrants without the need for you to be present. We verify the status of your traffic infractions and any bench warrants. When we represent you in court, we request the court to file an Abstract with the DMV to clear your record, normally within 48 hours.