You have much to lose if convicted of Driving Under the Influence. Your life as-you-know-it will change drastically: license suspended, car impounded, heavy fines, and possible jail time.

Charges for DUI vary depending on your age, license type, and or previous convictions. If convicted, penalties you face could include:

  • License Suspension
  • Monetary Fines
  • Jail Time
  • Community Labor
  • DUI School
  • Court-Ordered AA Meetings or Counseling
  • Installation of an Ignition Interlock Device (IID)
  • Motor Vehicle Impoundment
  • SR-22 Filing with DMV/Insurance
  • Possible Deportation (if a non-US citizen)

Because every DUI case is different, it is vital that you have Fight My Ticket’s experienced and qualified attorneys represent you. Our 20+ years of experience with DUI cases ensures we will weigh the best defense for your situation. We know how to argue, negotiate and win at trial, if necessary.

DUI charges require a special assessment of the particular facts involved in your case, which may include:

  • Probable Cause for the stop
  • Proper administration of roadside field sobriety tests
  • Proper maintenance of ECIR test machines
  • Flawed test results.
  • Equipment invalidation, irregularities, or failures.
  • Compromise or violations of drivers’ rights.
  • Medical and physical impairment.

To lose your privilege to operate a motor vehicle affects your life overall, and especially your ability to go to work and earn a living. Not to mention having high fines and increased insurance premiums.

Our attorneys also conduct hearings with the DMV on a weekly basis. We know the technicalities associated with field sobriety tests, chemical tests, oversights, and the common flaws made by law enforcement during an arrest.